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You lack time or human resources to carry out a client assignment:


Backstage Avocats steps in and assists your team on simple or complex matters, providing timely delivery of the work according to your needs and requirements, in either English or French.

Backstage Avocats performs work on your behalf, as would an experienced in-house associate, producing high quality outputs while remaining cost-effective and invisible to your client. 

With expertise in company law, commercial law, employment law, real estate law, finance law and tax law, Backstage Avocats supports you with:

 Audits,

 Research work on specific points of law,

 Legal analysis of information and documents,

 Preparation of legal notes in the desired format,

 Preparation of comments in the context of tax audits,

 Preparation of legal claims in the desired area of law,

Both timely and with the requested level of detail. 

Quality is guaranteed by the technical validation of a Backstage Avocats partner.